Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Customizable French flats: Chatelles

     Chatelles began as a love story, Fran├žois fell in love and offered the girl a pair of slippers he designed with a verse by Victor Hugo embossed in the inner sole “I cannot live far away” … “from you any longer” . 
It worked – she fell in love with the shoes, broke up with him and left with the slippers. Fran├žois survived this blow by launching Chatelles, his own brand of slippers.

If you live in fear of finding yourself in the same pair of shoes as your best friend, is the e-shop for you.  
Chatelles is a super chic French brand of shoes . I love them for their quality, for the wide choice of materials (leather, suede or fabric) and for the different style that you can create (classic or with tassels or monogrammed). 
If you find yourself in Paris, the showroom is open by appointment  at no.55 rue de Bellechasse in the 7th arrondissement.

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